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Use PHP for (HTML to CSV conversion)

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I have a table wihtin an HTML page named usersdata.html and also have a mysql table in database that looks like this:

id username
0 user1
1 user2

the table within the HTML page stored in /var/www/html/usersdata.html

<tr><td><a href="users.php?showuser=y&account=user1">user1</a></td><td>1269</td><td>0.00</td><td>0.00</tr></tr>
<tr><td><a href="users.php?showuser=y&account=user2">user2</a></td><td>338</td><td>12.49</td><td>10.64</tr></tr>

Question: How do I accomplish this by writing a PHP script that should look like this:


loop fo each user in the mysql table {

while opening and searching through the file "userdata.html" {

match the first corresponding amount for the user ( example user1's amount is 0.00, user2's amount is: 12.49 as shown in the HTML table)
store the match (amount) in a variable "let's say $useramount"
store the variable $useramount in another table ( I can manage to do this myself, just to explain the purpose of doing this)




Any help will be appreciated, thanks guys!!

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