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Looking for decent & reliable web space provider

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Hi, I know you get what you pay for but I'm on a bit of a budget.

I'm looking for new web space and am wondering who you all use? I've tried a few companies in the past and this is what I'm in need of:

* Email forwarding
* At least 500MB of web space
* PHP and MySQL
* FTP support
* Ability to register a .net domain
* Subdomains
* Reliable and friendly customer services
* cPanel interface
* phpMyAdmin

The web space I'm using at the moment has dodgy phpMyAdmin - some operations like exporting the database structure to a ZIP file for downloading don't work - they give me a page not found or some other weird error. In other words, my current phpMyAdmin is unreliable. Even making a new table sometimes gives me a page not found error.

So far I'm looking at getting the value package from namesecure.com for $99 a year. This gives me 2GB web space, 50GB bandwidth, domain name, POP3 emails and more. I've used them for domain names in the past but their interface is a little unfriendly but their customer services is brilliant. I've also used 123-reg.co.uk for domain names and although they have a nice interface (not brilliant) their web space is expensive and their customer service is terrible.

Any advice in pointing me in the right direction would be gratefully appreciated.

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Why not try out [a href=\"http://www.webhostfreaks.com/web-hosting.php\" target=\"_blank\"]WebHostFreaks.com[/a]. Prices are at the bottom of the page the link goes to.

It is reliable as I believe PHPFreaks.com is hosted of webhostfreaks.com or ServerPowered, however webhostfreaks.com are hosted of ServerPowered.com. So you have two webshots you can look either Webhostfreaks.com and ServerPowered.com.

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