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How to store multiple data

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I am trying to store details of the stock for purchases made. I have got a column for the 'stockID' and the 'Quantity' in my purchases table but the problem is that a customer can buy more than one product so i don't have a clue how i am supposed to store multiple 'stockID's' for each purchase??

The only other way i can think of doing this is to store the pages (or do some sort of print screen shots of pages when the products are purchased) as i am able to display them along with the 'purchaseID' on the same page. The only thing is how do i do this in php?? Is there a way to do screenshots of pages and store them so they can be viewed??

Please help me as i have a deadline to do this by and i haven't got much time left!!

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You need 2 tables, purchase_order and order_item

The order_item table will contain stock_id and qty for each item the customer orders
purchase_order          order_item
--------------          -------------
purch_id   <----------> purch_id
cust_id                 stock_id
order_date              quantity[/code]

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