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Incorrect output from called application

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I am using php 5.0.2 on apache 1.3 in Windows Server 2003.
When I call an application (Microsoft FTP) using exec (or any of the other php commands) I don't receive the correct output.

Specifically I get a blank string.

When I use the redirection opererator into a file through apache I get just the output that matches to what my machine would be saying and not what the remote machine is saying. Because of this I cannot determine if the file was uploaded or downloaded properly.

When I call the same php script through the command line everything works fine and I receive all output in the log file.

I am unable to use the php built in ftp commands.
I have used other ftp clients but the output is always the same, command line works fine apache doesn't work.

Does anybody have any ideas that may help me figure this out.

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