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nested while loops with EOF

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I'm trying to loop through, basically like a 2d array, and check some values against each other. Maybe the best thing is to show you what i'm talking about

if($rs_MenuItems->Fields('iItemID') == $rs_Items->Fields('iRecID')){
echo $rs_Items->Fields('tMenu_ItemName')." : ".$rs_Items->Fields('tMenu_ItemDesc')."<br>";

I'm trying to loop through the $rs_Items recordset for each menuItem, however it only shows for the first MenuItem entry.

I've tried putting a pointer after the $rs_Items loop that points too "$rs_Items->MoveFirst();" I was hoping this would kickstart the recordset over and would work the way i want it too, but instead it just repeats the Items Recordset about 50 times and then continues on with out an error. Can anyone help me out, I just started using php this semester.


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