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i need help with Logging Information with PHP!!!

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hey, i was wondering if someone could help me with the code i will describe below.
this is what im trying to do:
i want to make a link called grpsuper9.stylehosting.com/log.php

and in that file, i want me to be able to do this


first off, i want to know how to make it so i can the ?username=GRPsuper9&password=hihihihi. then, i want the information that i typed "GRPsuper9" and "hihihihi" to be writting automaticly to this page


and each time i used this url grpsuper9.stylehosting.com/log.php?username=aaaa&password=bbbbb, it would stack the information in an array.

how would i do this?

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Use $_GET?

In log.php you can do the following at the very top of the file:

if(isset($_GET['username']) && isset($_GET['password']))
    echo "Your Username is <b>{$_GET['username']}</b> and your password is <b>{$_GET['password']}</b>";

    // other code here.



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