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NEED HELP inputing array into mysql!

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I set up mySQL cell named \"Type\" and as a set(\'All\', \'Conventional\', \'Course\')


Now, my forms are set-up as:


<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"Type\" value=\"$set$\" />

<select name=\"Type[]\" size=3 multiple=\"multiple\">

<option value=\"All\">All</option>

<option value=\"Conventional\">Conventional</option>

<option value=\"Course\">Course</option>



And it only allows me to input 1 option. I\'m lost. Any ideas. Thank you very much.

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For different MySQL data types, use inputs phpMyAdmin is using, this can help: (ref: http://www.phpmyadmin.net).


For example:

varchar, int, char, float: use input of type text (or password).

enum: use select or radio buttons (one choice only)

set: use select with attribute multiple="multiple" and a size="x" where x is min(number of items, 7) (note: 7 is a magic number for interfaces displaying item listings) or checkboxes (multiple choices)

text: use textarea

For your situation, since you only have 3 choices, I would use checkboxes. They all have the same name (name=\"Type[]\") only their value are different. To insert their values into MySQL, simply use implode() method:

// let\'s say values are in $_POST[\'Type\']:

$sql = "INSERT INTO table SET Type = \'".implode(",", $_POST[\'Type\'])."\'";


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