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help with function file

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Hi, I am currently developing [a href=\"http://mpogr.com/V2/\" target=\"_blank\"]Verson 2[/a] of [a href=\"http://mpogr.com\" target=\"_blank\"]MPOGR[/a] and well im not 100% sure if im doing this correctly, or if there is something insecure about a method i use on "incentives".

I guess i have 2 questions..

1. Sometimes players, "rarely.. game owners" are saying.. the incentive script isnt working correctly, the players are not recieving rewards when they vote for their favorite game. Is the function "file" good to use, if i want to post data to another websites reward script?

2. I just realized the function "file" and function "include" are similiar, and now its making me think.. If im including a game owners file into my scripts to run, is it possible he could do any kinda damage to my website, possible delete the database with a simple command?

Im sure you understand what im trying to do. Basicly.. a player comes to MPOGR from a vote link the game owner has provided with a unique id. The user votes, and then the site returns some data back to the games "reward script" to reward the player credits, etc. Not redirect the player its self, just secretly post to a hidden reward script the game owner has made.

Is this the best way to do this?

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I went ahead and tested out the function "file" with another website, and it seemed impossible to abuse my own code.

I guess the only question left is... is it be best to use the function "file" to post data to another website's reward script? or is there another function i should use instead?

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