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php menu error

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I have this page
[a href=\"http://www.troublefreetraveladvisor.com/websitedel.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.troublefreetraveladvisor.com/websitedel.php[/a]

It opens up and displays good in Firefox & IE.

But for some reason, in dreamweaver(what i used to edit code etc) its display its not the same as when uploaded.

I use two Menu's and use Include to add them to my pages
left menu - menu.inc
right menu - menu2.inc

If i change menu2.inc to menu.inc it displays the entire site fine, i solved this earlier today but i must have undone something and its come backagain.

<div id="menu">
     <?php include("menu.inc"); ?>


    <div id="right"><br />
<?php include("menu2.inc"); ?>

</div><br />

The last closed Div command is highlighted in red and on my page in Design view have - untitled document </head> in yellow highlight, but none of it on the uploaded page where it all looks perfect lol

Can anyone explain this ?

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Don't rely on the Design View feature in Dreamweaver when developing in PHP. Dreamweaver doesn't understand what PHP is so it wont process your menu code, only the raw HTML. This is why DW screws up how a page looks in Design View.

You should always check how your site looks in web browser. Don't test it in for example just IE. Test it in FireFox and Opera to see if your site design is compatiable with most modern browsers.

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yes each time i progress with my site i check it in firefox and IE to start with to make sure they are identical

Only been using dreamweaver to put bits of code in.

Can i not fix that problem that dreamweaver shows me then?

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