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$_POST error before anything is posted!?

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Really simple... this works with mysql (yeah yeah... i know i dont have the luxury of using mysql at this job)

I have a form field called (for example) f_name
i have code for that field

[code]<input name="uid" type="text" id="uid" value="<? echo $uid; ?>" maxlength="30" />[/code]

see that value=echo thing....

before anythin is posted, i am getting an error saying that the variable is undefined

Once i clear that out and post something everything is fine.

Is there anyway to get that to not error out?

I need the default to echo the input of the user for error checking. (do i have to just make a separate form for this purpose... :(


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[code]<input name="uid" type="text" name="uid" value="<? echo $uid; ?>" maxlength="30" />[/code]

Use name="" not id="" ;)

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