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[SOLVED] php mulilanguage reference help


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I have talked to few people and they said that php 4 has a function to handle multi language support. From what I heard you define a test file for each language and php grabs the text. I have try to search the web and this form and with no luck. Would anyone be able to point me to the right direction, or link to a tutorial.



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Got every sentance in a variable like

$lang['sentance1'] = 'Hello My Fellow People Of The World!'

(In file called English.php)

$lang['sentance1'] = 'Здравствуйте Уважаемые соотечественники человек в мире!';

(In file called Russian.php)

Now you call the variable like


echo $lang['sentance1'];

and at the top of your page you have

include_once('Russian.php'); For the Russian Language

include_once('English.php'); For the English Language


And you do sessions and cookies and stuff to determine which language file to use based on user input!

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pohoje mnogo russko govorashih na forume. If I understand correctly then the code would look something like this->


<!--index.php?lang=en -->
$language = $_GET['lang'];
include_once 'lang_' .$language. '.php';
<!-- top of the webpage header -->
<?php echo $lang['header']; ?>
<hr />
<form method='post'>
<?php echo $lang['user']; ?><input type='text' name='user_id' /><br />
<?php echo $lang['pass']; ?><input type='password name='pass_id' /><br />
<input type='button' value='<?php echo $lang['submit_button']; ?>'/>


<!-- lang_en.php -->
$lang['header']='Welcome to my site!';


if I am correct then the code should look something like this?

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