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PHP Idiot needs help

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I am in the process of creating a personals website and I wish to do the following:

1. User1 is presented with a form asking him age, e-mail address and message... (message sent to moderator i.e. me for approval)
2. once approved, message gets posted onto a website (ordered by date so newest message gets posted first)
3. user2 views the website, picks a message he wants to reply to and is presented with a page where he fills in his e-mail and a messagebox (the 2nd user cannot see user1's e-mail address) which is sent off to the user1's email inbox. (user1 then gets 2 see a message in his inbox from user2 showing user2's email address)

Can anybody help me with this?

I have hardly any experience with php so any help would be much appreciated.

I'm on MSN, if anyone wants to add me..send me a pm.


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first one would be

Message Table
Id Email Address Message visable (true/false)

2nd table would be
Id Email address Message Original ID

make the message table it update into the orignal id filed when a person responds to a post.

then you just add 2 pages in one to list the current message with responses and the 2nd to add your own message this could be used for user1 and user2
the visable section would simply act as a filter so set it as false by default and then once you have looked at it turn it to True.

Then in the mysql query use WHERE visable=true

i Hope this helps im currently using this kind of structure for a helpdesk solution that i am writing for my own website.

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