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concurrent access

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im testing a fairly big php application (adodb abstration with no transactions), and iv been asked to comment on performance issues with regards to concurrent access.

do u know of any good resources where i can get my hands dirty on this?

i guess a php app would follow same testing principles like with any other web app: session handling/control/security; authentication/validation; functional specs

even better, does anyone know of a load testing framework for php? im pretty new to php and therefore thought id post here


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There are no limitations to what PHP can do. It's powers, nearly rival those of Chuck Norris', lacking only in the "roundhouse kick to the esophagus" department. A very wiseman even said once, that world hunger can be cured by running a simple PHP script for it. Noone has done it to this day, though. Earth isn't running a MySQL server.

Good luck on your quest young squire.

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