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Please review site for Inspiring Kids


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Hi all,


Could you please take a look at www.bingnote.com. It's a site I created for a new company that has developed a book to help parents/teachers to inspire their kids.  It's pretty much complete with content but there will be changes over the next month or so.  The shopping cart has not been integrated yet but will be in the upcoming weeks.    Any and all comments are appreciated.  Thanks.



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You are on the right track with the bright colors and heavy contrast, but the site itself looks kinda "meh". I'm looking at it, and I see an unclear menu, two separate top menus and no real flow to the page. In bits, the content blocks are stuck together, and in other places there is some big black spacing, which looks confusing. For a site like this, you'll want to really direct the eye to the big sidebar, but it is in competition with so many warm colors around the page that it just gets drowned out. This should really be reorganized, and the navigation needs to be cleaned up badly.

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hi moberemk,


Thanks for you comments.  Regarding the top level nav, I think what your suggesting is a single menu which includes (our story, activity sheets, ....etc, products, view cart, checkout rather than having the two sets of menu items separated.  Is that correct?  The only problem I had in doing this is the addition of other menu items such as blog, etc.  Not sure if a two level menu would work best here.


Also, not sure I understand what your talking about with "the contents blocks are stuck together, and in other places there is some big black spacing".  Could you elaborate here. 


Lastly,  any suggestions on reorganization, I know there is probably some things that need to be done to the top nav, but what other navigation problems do you see.


Thanks for the comments.





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Attached: hastily scribbled comments. Good luck reading them.


As for the menu, you could easily rework it into a series of short buttons that illustrate key areas (About, Press, Contact, For Kids, Products, etc.(For that matter, you could even consolidate press and contact, given the content on the press page)) that would help it look a lot less cluttered. As for the left menu, it is a bit of a "Huh?" section, one that leaves your reader unclear on just what you are trying to do.


Oh, and your under construction image looks kinda funky; it's the character from the front page, in the same pose, holding some strangely rendered roadblocks? The art styles kinda clash there.


[attachment deleted by admin]

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understood your comments just fine. Forgetting about the top nav for a sec, I'm wondering if we should switch the left and right columns.  Given that people here in the US read from left to right, I'm wondering if that wouldn't be better.


Also, I was thinking of instead of links for the bingzy builder uppers we could use images.  Not sure about that.

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Mobermk makes a few good points.  If your going to put black spaces in the website, they should be consistent.  The Activity Sheets on the left hand side can be moved or shrunk so that you have more room to capture your audience.  The navigation at the top can be reduced to a one-line nav with a little creativity and tweaking.


The main area should be about 50% of your web pages.  This shows people where the main content is and what you are trying to convey.  Ads and side bars should not be more than the main are because it causes confusion and chaos.


The colors are well thought out.

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I think it looks great!...


Although, I think that who ever wrote the "Our Story" should revise the wording in some of their sentences; many of them are not written very well. (should never start a sentence with "and" especially if you are going to be teaching children  :D )


Also, the background image on this page http://www.bingnote.com/activitysheets.php should have the quality raised a little bit say 10 - 15 points maybe. I guess its just the color but it looks to have a lot more noise then the other backgrounds.


I would say everything looks clean and organized... good work!



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