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Update 2 database tables at the same time?

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Is it posable to update/insert into 2 database tables (with the same information) at the same time. I want one table to be used as a "shopping basket" and the other as "stock control" so I need the same data in each but when the shopping basket is emptied by the user the data remains in a second table for stock control.

Thanks in advance

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yeah it is

UPDATE table1,table2 SET table1.field = 'value', table2.field = 'value'

and i think this second one for inert is correct..

INSERT INTO table1, table2 (table1.field1,table1.field2,table2.field1,table2.field2) VALUES('table 1 value1','table 1 value2',' table 2 value3','table 2 value4')

I'm not 100% on the insert as i have not found anything on inserting into 2 tables in 1 query i would personaly use 2 seperate querys to insert same data..

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