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multiple independent where clauses

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I am trying to count several columns if their values match a specific parameter




select count(s1q1), count(s1q2), count(s1q3) ... FROM tablename WHERE s1q1 = 4 or s1q2 = 4 or s1q3 = 4 or ....



so if s1q1 has 10 entries that are a 4 and 6 entries that are other numbers I would expect to see a 10 same goes for the rest of the columns. however, I am not getting that kind of response I am getting wildly incorrect counts. Does anyone know the best way to do this? I have about 25 columns to count so I dont want to do a query for each column.


in short, what I am after here is to find out how many times s1q1 = 4, how many times s1q2 = 4, so on and so forth without running multiple queries



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First rule of data normalisation - remove repeating items and put them in a separate table. A single query with a GROUP BY would then do the trick.


At present your s1q1 count includes records where s1q2=4 or s1q3 = 4 even though s1q1 contains something other than 4, which is why it is inaccurate.


This is untried but may work :-


SELECT SUM(IF (s1q1=4, 1,0)) as Count1, SUM(IF(s1q2=4,1,0)) as Count2, ......



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