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Login Problems

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Hi guys,

So close! You will find below the top of my join_form.php, as per the tutorial. The problem I have is I get the following error: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in blah/blah on line 27. Line 27 is highlighted below in bold. Register.php is ion the same directory as the join form:

#Code Start:

# starting the session here
if ($_SESSION['email_address'] != "youremail@here.com" ) {
echo "<b>You do not have the appropriate permissions to enter.</b><br><br><br>";

# this prevents a user from typing or pasting a URL string
# into their browser to get to this page. If the $first_name
# variable is empty, then they log in like everyone else.
if ( empty( $first_name ) ) {
print "Please login below!";
include 'login_form.html';
} else { print "

<title>Signup Form</title>

[b]<form id="form1" name="userform" method="post" action="/register.php">[/b]

# Code End



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I can see one problem...

Where is your ending code for PHP? You've opened the PHP coding bracet and your Print command but you havn't closed it off. You need to close those two off in order for this to work.

... I think that's what's giving you your problem.

These are the ways you should be closing your tags (another example, hehe)
$tom = 1;
if ($tom = 0 ) {
Print "There is no Tom."
Print"Hello Tom."

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