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Using $_POST

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im currently using some PHP code to load pages using includes:

[code]<?php switch($id) { default: include('home.html');
break; case "home": include('home.html');
break; case "about": include('about.html');
break; case "services": include('services.html');
break; case "people": include('people.html');
break; case "news": include('news/news.php');
break; case "contact": include('contact.html');
break; case "disclaimer": include('disclaimer.html');
break; case "sitemap": include('sitemap.html');
} ?>[/code]

and i call links like this: [code]<a href="index.php?id=contact">CONTACT</a>[/code]

but as you can see here this isnt working. [a href=\"http://www.guardianlawyers.com.au/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.guardianlawyers.com.au/[/a]
i have been told to use $_POST or $_GET but am not sure how to go about this... any one help update my code to get it working?


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do something like this:


$id = $_GET['id']   // Get the value in id and then use the switch to decide what page to display

  case "home":

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