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quick mysql query

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I\'m trying to write a simple database to keep track of DVDs, and am having a little trouble visualising the structure. I could do with a little push in the right direction from someone who knows what they\'re doing :)


The problem:


A group of us have joined an online dvd rental site. We each have x requests that are submitted to the site at various occasions. We need to keep track of who has requested what. We also lend DVDs to each other and need a way of keeping track of who\'s got which DVD, and possibly when it was lent.


So, it\'s sort of a dual purpose application. Keeping track of who\'s requested a DVD for rental, and who\'s borrowed one from a friend.


This is the first time I\'ve done this since uni (about 7 years ago!) and I\'m, well, rusty would be an understatement ;)

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