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Changing image links when page is updated. HELP!

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Straight off, sorry.
Sorry but i wasnt sure where to put this topic, as i dont know if i need to use html, php, css or javascript to do this, maybe a combination of a few.

Anyway my and a few friends run a webcomic (dont all groan at once i know you might think its lame but it lets me do some coding because none of them have a clue) and i was wondering if anyone could help me do something that seems, at least to me, to be rather complicated.

As it stands im using rollover buttons stored as images on the server to link to the page holding the newest comic. I was trying to figure out how to make the button appear different if the user hasnt seen the newest update, perhaps making it red rather than blue or something like that. Im not sure if its even possible with the way my code is at the moment but if anyone could help me out that would be great!

Also sorry that i dont have any examples of my code but im on a computer at school and it wont let me check the source code of my own site, go figure. If you need to see the code you can go check the source over at [a href=\"http://www.opposing-symmetry.co.uk\" target=\"_blank\"]My Webpage[/a]

Again thanks to anyone who bothers to help me!

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Hi there,
I guess you need php/mysql & javascript/html to do that,

php & mysql part would log users/ips in a database, by example, & check if an user has seen the newest update or not, & then, javascript/html part could show the correct button,

In fact, you want something like a forum,, (a 1st script in php/mysql checks if an user has seen the latest posts, and a script in html/javascript shows a specific icon for the read topics/non-read topics,,)

But you need then to register your users,... or maybe it could be enough to you just log their ips,, I don't know,...

Hoping it helps,,


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