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Multiple File Download through HTTP using PHP

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I am attempting to do mulitple file downloads using a web browser. The best I could come up with was down loading 1 file (see code below). How would I download 3 files from-server-to-client? For example download 3 files in succession: my_file1.bmp, my_file2.bmp, my_file3.bmp?

Here is my code for 1 file downloading:

$filename = "my_file.bmp";
$mimetype = 'image/bmp';
$data = file_get_contents($filename);
$size = strlen($data);
header("Content--Disposition: attachment; filename = $filename");
header("Content--Length: $size");
header("Content--Type: $mimetype");
echo $data;

Note, Could not post code (being blocked for some reason) with header correctly having a single hyphen (-).

Some additonal info:
1. Trying to only use a web browswer, not relying on a ftp.
2. Trying to avoid zipping the files at the server.

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