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Image chaning script

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ok I want to create a script (page) that will let me view a image (800 X 600) then below the image (or above it) there will be a link to the 1024 X 768 version of the image. there will be hundreds of images when I finish them all. categorized by a number 1-7 then the image images themselves would be categorized by a 2 digit number 01-26

the path to the images would be something like


(the image directory) / (the Category) / (the image number) / wallpaper_(800 or 1024 depending on size).jpg

since they would all be named the same the script will be much simpler. so to goto the the 15th image in the 3rd category and the image is 800x600 the url would be something like

[a href=\"http://www.website.com/imagepage.php?cat=3&num=15&size=800\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.website.com/imagepage.php?cat=3&num=15&size=800[/a]
that would display the image [a href=\"http://www.website.com/images/3/15/wallpaper_800.jpg\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.website.com/images/3/15/wallpaper_800.jpg[/a]

the right above that image would be a link that would display the 1024 version of it,

I hope im making since if not say so, becasue i really need this script!

I wish I knew how to implement this script but im still new to php. i know its possible, and wouldn't be that hard really. im continuing to work on is but any help is appreciated

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