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HTTP Root filesystem not secure

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Hi, I have a problem (I'm using the newest PHP and Apache), I have a few “sub sites” that other people run on my self-hosted server, but a few weeks ago I found a major security risk: any sub-site (HTTPROOT/sub/[site name]) can use PHP to edit/delete/view any other sub-site or any of the main site (HTTPROOT/ICU and HTTPROOT/FOM are the important ones).

I want to be able to set permissions somewhere to only allow scripts in certain folders to go backwards (ie, I want to let the sub-sites go back from HTTPROOT/sub/[site name]/forum to HTTPROOT/sub/[site name], but not allow them to go any further then their sub-site's root).

I know it can be done with a virtual host... but that is not really what I want, I know there must be a better way.

How can I fix this?

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