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Questions about doing an inner join

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Hi all! I'm developing my new site and having trouble with getting an inner join to work with PHP/MySql.

I have an inner join that DOES work and looks like this:

$query = "SELECT antique_stores.StoreName, antique_stores.StoreAddress1, antique_stores.StoreCity, antique_stores.StoreZip, antique_stores.StoreTelephone
FROM antique_stores INNER JOIN Cities ON antique_stores.StoreCity = Cities.CityName
WHERE Cities.CityID = ".$city;

I want to do something similar but have more requirements:

$query = "SELECT * FROM SaleListing
SaleListing.SaleCity = Cities.CityName
WHERE SaleCity = ".$SaleCity." AND Day1Date= '".$searchdate."' AND Cities.CityID = ".$SaleCity;

I've tested for both variables $SaleCity and $searchdate and they are being successfuly passed. $SaleCity is a number for the city from the Cities db.

This query is working great but I really need to substitute the CityName for the SaleCity/CityID number so that it shows the name instead:

$query = "SELECT * FROM SaleListing WHERE SaleCity = ".$SaleCity." AND Day1Date= '".$searchdate."'";

Any ideas? Thanks!

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