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newbie database design question

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I\'m buildling a database of vineyard properties in Sonoma County and I am unsure as to how to build some \"sets\" of values. Each property can be in one or more appellations, grow one or more grape varieties and have one of several classifications.


I was going to build each of these as a table, then I can add new appellations, grape varieties or classifications as they appear without altering the database.


But in all the books I bought, there are no examples of creating the one to many relation I want to make between the \"properties\" table and the \"appellation\" and \"variety\" tables. And I am wondering what the queries are going too look like.




Peter Young

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Each property can have many appellations and each appellation can apply to many properties. Same goes for grape varieties


In these cases you need linking tables to provide many to many relationships. Only one classification is required so classification_id can be held in property table with link to classification table.


Can\'t see a way to do attachments in this forum so I\'ll email diagram

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