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Log in user function in dreamweaver

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First of all i'm an absolute beginner and new to this forum, so please handle me with care at first.

Second: I'm trying to use the "log in user" function. I also use Coldfusion server locally. I have an Acces database file, with data like "name, address, username. password etc. Problem is when i enter an username and password that is in the database it will always go to the page for when the log in fails! (this is when i test my website, all the data is pure fiction, i don't use any capatilized letters or symbols)

I have a username field, a password name field, and a submit button. In the GUI interface i filled out all the options correctly, except for datasource username and password which i don't need.

I do manage to retrieve data from the same database, i can add records to the database as well. So quess the coldfusion part is all up and running.

Really coldfused.. please help

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Are you coding in Coldfusion or PHP? The way you posted your question, it sounds like you are using cold fusion. Please clear this up and post some code so we can see what is going on.

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