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Unseen variables

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Here is my problem.

I am developping a web site, the structure is as follow

[blockquote]include of [b]language[/b] file
include of [b]head[/b] file
include of [b]middle[/b] file
include of [b]right[/b] file
include of [b]center[/b] file
[blockquote]depending of a case
[blockquote]include of [b]home[/b] file
include of [b]apropos[/b] file[/blockquote][/blockquote]
include of [b]left[/b] file
include of [b]footer[/b] file[/blockquote]

In my langguage file, I have all my text in variables.
What's happening is that those variable are not "visible" in the home and apropos files. But they are visible in any other files.
If I do my include language file directly in my home or apropos files, everthink works fine so it is not the way a code.
If I put the home and apropos file in the same directory as my right file, for exemple, nothing change, so it is not the place where they are.
What I don't really get is that it works fine on my localhost but not when I transfert on my hosting server. I have tried other hosting server, same problem.

Since from my point of view when you do an include of a file, it is the same as copiing this file into your code I don't see why the variables are not recognised !

You can have a look here : [a href=\"http://www.labaroude.com/sara/index.php?option=apropos\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.labaroude.com/sara/index.php?option=apropos[/a]
I am a bit lost here. Any idea would be very welcome.

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Guest askjames01
You better put all the codes brother and the error message too.
So that the people here can understand your problem easily.

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