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Apache and 'refresh' or 'reload' browser button

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I've been struggling with this for over a week, and I really need some help.

I don't know if it's a problem with the Apache version, or if it's something with PHP or MySQL that is causing this strange behavior.

I had developed an internal web page, and hardcoded everything. It was prior to having MySQL and PHP installed. The Apache version was 2.0.40-dev Revision: 1.116. The page had 5 frames, and when I had something in each frame, and clicked on the reload button in the browser, all the data for all other frames pretty much stayed there, just refreshing information that had changed.

Now I am teaching myself PHP and MySQL, and have rewritten the web page to include calling out information from a database. I still have frames, and am now using MySQL queries to build tables to show in each frame. The Apache version on this server is 2.0.40-dev Revision: 1.146. But, now when I click on the reload button, I seem to clear out all the frames.

Am I missing something? I know, I'm a newbie, but at least I am trying!


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