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same record diff catagories problem

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hi there,


i have a database of news stories about my company. i want to put the stories into catagories so a user can click a button and get stories related to say, products.


some stories go in more than one catagory so for normalization i have three tables.


1. the text of the story

2. a list of possible catagories

3. a reference linking the story to the catagory


this works fine but i also want users to be able to search for two catagories at once ie. products and web design. if a story is in both these catagories it gets returned twice as the sql finds a reference linking it to one catagory then a reference linking it to the other.


I can sort it out so both aren\'t printed on the page but it messes up my number of items found and hence my pagination.


is there a better way of setting up my db or any sql that can sort this , or do i have to code around it?

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you should be able to keep it that way, just when you do your select do something like:

SELECT distinct news_id from tables


distinct will give you only 1 result for each one.

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You see i knew there would be something like that!


DylanBlitz you are a fine human being.



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