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Adding date to hidden field

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i hope someone can help me, i am still very new to coding

[!--coloro:#FF0000--][span style=\"color:#FF0000\"][!--/coloro--]strOutput += "<TD CLASS=\"entry\<input type=hidden name=Date value="???????????"></TD>";[!--colorc--][/span][!--/colorc--]

is the above code correct so far and what do i have to replace ????????????????? with so that it will save todays date (and time if possible) into my database

anyone who can help me please greatly appreciated


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Hi there,

To get the date using javascript,, you could try something like:

var d=new Date();

<td><input type=hidden name=Date id=Date></td>

// debug line:
alert('date is: '+document.getElementById("Date").getAttribute("value"));

Some tips (hmm, maybe in french,,) on this site: [a href=\"http://www.asp-php.net/tutorial/scripting/dates.php\" target=\"_blank\"]date functions & javascript[/a]

But you will need to use php/Mysql to save the dates into your database,...

So, better use php like:
1- get the date with php date function,
2- save it using mysql into a database

Hoping it helps,


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