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Very simple CMS

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Im creating (trying) an very simple CMS that basically has the ability to
, 'add/edit/delete' pages. The edit function requires a text box to edit a page and needs to be able to make text bold/italic/underlined and linked. I need to be able to first select the desired text, click (for example) the 'bold' button which applies the effect.

Any help/examples on how to go about this would be great. [b]Also[/b], how I might go about structuringthe database for this.

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Thats actually asking a bit more than you probably realise. You may find it easier to start with using a news backend like phpfusion then create your own cms around that to display the pages?

[a href=\"http://dcnz.net.nz/oldsite/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://dcnz.net.nz/oldsite/[/a] this is an old site I made a while ago based around phpfusion with my own 'cms' for the rest of the site.

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