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What is the maximum amount of data allowed for mySQL field?

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Hello people, I am not sure if this question has come up before so apologies for that. And I can not find this in the documentation either.


Can anyone please tell me on what is the maximum data a mySQL column can store? Basically I have to deal with lots of data, and one of the fields is to store at least 1000 words. Can this amount of information be stored in a single cell?


If not what is the alternative because somehow i need to display back this information on the browser.


Thank you very much for you time and i would be most appreciated if someone can help me on this matter,



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For data types that you do not have to specify the upper limits of there are four (if that sentance didn\'t make sense I\'m sorry)


TINYTEXT up to 255 characters

TEXT up to 65535 characters

MEDIUMTEXT up to 16.7million characters

LONGTEXT up to 4billion characters


I don\'t know if there is an upper limit for varchar though.

try varchar(99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999) and see what happens :wink:

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woah! thats cool! mySQL is a really handy database then. So basically in one column/field i can right a whole essay right?


Thanks for the reply, it was much appreciated.



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