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Select-field + Javascript

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I have the following script written in my head-section:

function showhide(id){
if (document.getElementById){
obj = document.getElementById(id);
if (obj.style.display == "none"){
obj.style.display = "";
} else {
obj.style.display = "none";
</script> [/code]

Then I use the following link to show/hide divs (and their content):

[code]<a href="#" onclick="showhide('div_venice'); return(false);">Venice</a>[/code]

The problem is, I want to put these links on a select-list, and assign different values (for a php query) when I select them.

[code]<select name="a_serie">
  <option value ="none">       </a></option>
  <option value ="ven">Venice</a></option>
  <option value ="yor">York</a></option>

When i select one of the two cities, I also want the javascript-link to show/hide its div. Are there any solutions for this?

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Hi there,,

I guess you should use the 'onselect' property with select objects,,

try something like:
<option value ="ven" onselect=showhide('div_venice')>Venice</option>
& the value "ven" could be used in the php part,

hmm,,... & I don't think you need to use the '<a href="#" ...>' in what you need,... some onmouseover/onmouseout could do the thing,

Hoping it helps,,


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