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ordering/structuring navigational menu

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I'm currently building a Content Management System for my university project, but im really very inexperienced with PHP (only started using PHP a couple of months back, and MySQL about a month ago), so i keep hitting stumbling blocks. The site its managing can be viewed here:
[a href=\"http://digimed.chrisgunton.com/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://digimed.chrisgunton.com/[/a]

I have a very nice page creation/editing system that works great, and from these pages it creates a menu on the main site. Problem is i have no way of putting the buttons in a particular order.

I'm using this to edit the order of the menu items
[a href=\"http://www.gregphoto.net/sortable/advanced/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.gregphoto.net/sortable/advanced/[/a]

Or rather i will be!

Ive got it listing my pages, and you can drag them and show the debug information. But how do i save this into my db to order the menu?

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