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Community functions help

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I wonder if someone can be so cind and help me solve this few problems i have with my community.
i want to have it like this:
a new member have been registerd and now i want it like this. The new formed member gonna get his/her completly own "home" at the site there he or she can modify it, if he/she wants to. also a settings panel for the member there he or she can change passwords and so on.
i dont exactly know how to form and make this functions, so it will be very cind of you people if you would help me with some code examples or tips of guides and so on that i can take help from!

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Guest askjames01
i suggest you use CLASS
for example;

  CLASS community {

     attributes declaration...

     function setup {
     more codes...

     function registration {
     more codes...

     and more functions...
     to fit your needs...

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