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[SOLVED] csv files, EXCEL, character for line break?

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ok I have a large text file that I am converting into excel spreadsheet for eventual table in mysql.


all I know about csv is that every , comma makes a new cell / field.


is there a way to make a line break? For example...


one entry, two entry, third entry, (line break) 4th entry, 5th entry,


basically I want to make all entry's in my text file (currently sepoerated by , commas) become one column when I open in excel.


hope that makes sense, I could go through the file and manually add a line break after every comma...but with 7000 lines with each line having about 18 commas.....ummm there goes my weekend

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hmmm could you post a few lines of the text file, then post a rough idea of a way you want the spreadsheet to look, then I can help you...





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CSV format is seperated by columns, one row per line



if u want everything in Col1, than output yer data as




notice that i leave the , for the other columns

you can skip columns as well, by doing the same thing, say we want data in col3




it's not all that hard

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