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getting a hidden id number from a select list

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I have a page that allows a user to select an student to work with. In the code below, I have saved each student id in an array so I can get the value by perhaps a javascript which would look something like this:


var id = document.form.select_list[selectedIndex].text;

document.form.id = id;


Any idea of exactly how I should do it? I would like to use php only and no javascript but I am a little clueless on how to do this. My final goal is to register the \"id\" in a session and pass it back to the calling page.



echo \"<input type = \"hidden\" name = \"id\">\";

echo \"<select name = \"select_list\">\";

$i = 0;

$arr = array();

while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))


echo \"<option>\".$row[\'last\'].\", \".$row[\'first\'].\"</option>n\";

$arr[$i++] = $row[\'id_number\'];


echo \"</select>\";


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you do not want the id number to be in the value of the <option> tag?

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