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search multiple tables MYSQL database

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$query = \"SELECT * FROM intranet_opdrachten AND intranet_bedrijven WHERE omschrijving OR opdrachtgever LIKE \'%$zoeken%\'\";


This is not the right query to search in both tables (intranet_opdrachten AND intranet_bedrijven). Hopefully someone knows the solution to this problem. I can search in one table, but two seems to be difficult.


Thank you!

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\"SELECT * FROM intranet_opdrachten LEFT JOIN intranet_bedrijven ON intranet_opdrachten.id=intranet_bedrijven.id WHERE intranet_opdrachten.omschrijving OR intranet_opdrachten.opdrachtgever OR intranet_bedrijven.omschrijving OR intranet_bedrijven.opdrachtgever LIKE \'%$zoeken%\'\";


Something like this should do. I haven\'t had time to test it so can\'t be 100% sure. You need to join the two tables by a appropriate field. Do a little bit of research on table joins and you should be ok. Hope this helps.

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