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php/mysql presentation

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I have a presentation infront of two tutors at university, i have currently designed a website for the university using PHP AND MySQL. the website is designed using html coding using dreamweaver, and contains multimedia using flash 8.

The website contains pages showing the university and a restricted side which only administrators, clerks and students can access, they have to type in relervent passwords and usernames, which allows them to check results and updat students information etc.

The reason for this message is if anyone has any idea on what sort of questions i could get asked by the tutors about the php, mysql, validation issues etc, i also used template within dreamweaver. could they please tell me and let me know what sort of questions i will get asked and what sort of replies they should be.

p.s if any1 knows how i should perfrom the presentation for 20mins to demenstrate the website to the tutors that will help as well, thankyou

Thank You

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Guest askjames01
this topic must be inside "miscellaneous forum",

"php help forum" is for specific php coding problem.

please don't scatter your posts.

nevermind the mods will move this.

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well probably the main questions will revolve around security. "can random student johnny hack into it?"

and then pretty much all the other questions are probably gonna be content specific. like, "how do i search for blah" or "how do i delete blah from blah" or whatever else. The majority of the questions they ask will most likely be of these sorts, which is GOOD for you, providing that you know what your script is supposed to be able to let them do.

End users don't really care HOW the script works. They just care about what it does.

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