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ul list display diff between ie and firefox

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im trying to build my site and i ran into a prob. in firefox my menu (the category menu with product cats) displays correct except for what seems like a 2px shift to the right, you can see this by looking at the grey bg and lining it up to the image thats a line above. they arnt totally aligned.
id like to fix that, but if you look in ie the menu is like 40 px shifted to the right.
its a ul list for the emenu and i cant figure out why firefox and ie dont display this the same.

the site is [a href=\"http://www.enveamerica.com\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.enveamerica.com[/a] and you can look at it so far. and see the bottom menu isnt displaying completly lined up in either borswer, but ie is the worst. i think its something to do with the bullet points. i duno.

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