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Problem connecting to postgres database using php

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I have installed Mandrake8.2 . And decided to use postgresql with php for web page development. and the webserver is apache. Mandrake is bundled with postgres, php. So, am using the same. I wrote a simple program to conenct to the postgres database using php. But it gives following error:


Warning: Unable to connect to PostgreSQL server: FATAL 1: No pg_hba.conf entry for host, user apache, database x6a in /var/www/html/veena/test.php on line 2


Couldn\'t connect


My program goes like this:


$connection = pg_Connect( \"host=localhost dbname=x6a\" )

or die(\"Couldn\'t connect\");

$result = pg_exec($connection, \"SELECT * FROM addresses;\")

or die(\"couldn\'t execute\");



I have granted all previleges to user apache in my addresses table in x6a database. I also have entry in pg_hba.conf as:


local all trust

localhost all trust


Any help will be appreciated.

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i don\'t think many of us forum-goers are familiar with postgre...


here is the manual entry for pg_connect — sift through the user contributed notes and see if anything helps.




also, when all else fails, try google.


does this help any?



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