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What is involved in creating this php

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This is a email i sent to a few hosting companies please read and give me your fedback on how long this would take to write and set up

First let me introduce myself i am the CEO of [a href=\"http://myshipper.net\" target=\"_blank\"]http://myshipper.net[/a] I have 6 Websites for hosting and more on the way as it stands a person can order a website from my website and it will automaticly be recreated from a master my hosting provider is just one guy and cannot keep up with my needs.
on top of a master that can be automaticly ordered and set up. I need the site myshipper to comunicate with other sites in my network of resellers what i need is a hosting company that can recreate my site when a person orders one from my site but the added capibilities that i need is! When i put a item out of stock on my site it will do the same on the other sites in my network and when i put it back in stock it will do the same. I would like to have when i add a category and product to the site it will create the same on the other network of sites but the images need to be hosted by the site owner theirself as there sites are submitted to froogle and their site cannot be know to be a affilliate site of ours as they look on it as duplicate content and not as a different store owner
if the images cannot be hosted on their bandwith i will accept a javascript on the master not to allow right click to view source but i would need extra bandwith added to my site because since i have to host the new images and this will solve the froogle issue and more
as it stands i have 150+ resellers and i need a selling point to get them to buy websites and have them hosted with you guys they are already selling on ebay and other venues and this added work does not make it a task that most are ready to take on what i am looking for in short is something like estore they use a master to communicate with other sites in their network and are able to do all the sam things that i am relaying to you
As it stands if we are able to do this i have 6 accounts ready but the domain transfer must be included for these 6 sites they are based on the simple MS2+ oscommerce template but have many added contributions your techs should be able to do this by adding a little script to the main site and the master site that gets duplicated i need support for my resellers my currnent provider will answer a email in maybe three days and if has the time and will not talk to me over the phone one person cannot handle where i am going and i need a company that can grow with me as my site will be a jumping off point for new hosting accounts for who is willing to take on this endevor with us if you would like to call contact me at home at 570-267-0202 ask for michael
As i am full time with this so please pass this on to your techs and discuss the my problem and see if you are ready and willing to get started with us
Michael CEO

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Guest askjames01
excuse me Mr. CEO
but you are inside PHP HELP FORUM, this forum is for specific PHP coding problem.

Please if you want buss. transaction put your transaction under PHP FREELANCING.
this way you can help this community clean & green :)

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