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Generate CSV file with dynamically genrated sheets

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Hi all:
I found the code on how to generate the CSV file by running queries in mysql database and giving that CSV file to clients for downloading. No problem if using a single query.
What my problem is: The data I need are stored partially in 5 tables. So to fetch all data, I have to write more than one query as u guess, so I want to generate excel sheets dynamically and put the data from each table to a new sheet in that Excel file.
In a new excel file, by default, there are 3 sheets(sheet1,sheet2,sheet3) included. Now, I want to write table1's data to sheet1, tables2 data to sheet2 and so on. If needed to generate more sheets and write on them.
Is it possible?
Moreover, I saw some are using PEAR packages to resolve this. I haven't worked with PEAR before so have no idea on how to install that on my SERVER which is windows based.

Waiting for your kind reply.

Thanks in advance.

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