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HELP w PHP Dreamweaver Integration

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I have used Dreamweaver for about a year, and I\'m now starting to learn PHP and MySQL. I have a couple questions about the environment. I\'m using IE 6.0.28, DW MX, IIS, Win XP Pro. Apache is installed, but I disabled the service since I\'ve never used it before.


My MySQL and PHP setups are working great; my code runs fine. But there\'s something I\'ve missed in the Dreamweaver setup.


1. Why is it that when I\'m in a PHP page (*.PHP) all of the Panel group buttons are greyed out? If I switch to a *.htm they become active again.


2. I added v. 2.5.0 of the PHAkt extension to get PHP server behaviors, but I don\'t see any right-click support and the \"Debug\" panel in the results area is always disabled. If I edit the site and set the site Server Model to PHP MySQL or PHP ADODB the debug panel says \"There is no debug extension registered for the active server model\".


3. I installed a PHP CHM file in the help folder but there is no integrated PHP help.


What am I doing wrong?


BTW: I am now going through the PHAkt tutorial (\"pgsql\" website/database). I can\'t connecto to the database because the Bindings panel is disabled.




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Check your site setup and define the site as a php/mysql site, that should make the buttons active. I installed it strat from the box without any special settings and it works fine, make sure you get the upgrade patch. To set that site up that way, check the server model.

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