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Count rows sort of problem

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Well, I know how to count the number of rows a query returns, but Im looking for something a little more in depth and I can't figure it out, nor do I know exactly what to serach for.

Here is what I'm trying to do, I hope somebody has done this before, or can help.

Say I have a bunch of rows in a table, these are news posts by many users. I want to do a query that says how many posts each user has.

My table looks like,

ID | Username | Date | Data

1 | Bob | Today | Testing
2 | Bob | Today | Testing
3 | Bob | Today | Testing
4 | Bob | Today | Testing
5 | Bob | Today | Testing
6 | Tom | Today | Testing
7 | Tom | Today | Testing
8 | Tom | Today | Testing

Thats fake of course, but that is a good example. I want to say: Bob has 5 posts and Tom has 3. I can use a count of rows but that will return 8, and there are more users then those 2 and names cannot be hardcoded in, so a WHERE username= wont work.

I hope somebody can help, thanks for looking! :-)

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