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**SOLVED** Line breaks

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Ok, the whole thing is pretty complicated and badly coded on my behalf - but basically:

There's an array created from a file which works like this:
XX | XX | XX
XX | XX | XX

X = data

[b]The problem:[/b] the third field is for a long message which has line breaks in it i tried nl2br(); but then it adds actual line breaks (aswell as <br>) into the file and the system reads it on each line and messes it up.

[b]What i need:[/b] For it to replace line breaks within the input field to <br> but keep it all on one line within the .txt file.

Hope you understand and thanks,

[[b]+[/b]] Edit
Used str_replace(); to change line breaks to html which worked, seems so obvious now.
Anyway, thanks.

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