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Looking for Profile Script

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I just went through the Membership 2.0 tutorial and the one that follows it thinking that they would be exactly what I wanted. Nothing was working right. Files are missing. Information is missing. It's driving me insane.

I'm looking for a small CMS that allows me to have an area for users to register/login and edit/update their own profiles. If someone could point me to a ZIP with everything working, or maybe throw something together for me, that would be awesome. I can pick it apart and add onto it as I need to, but I cannot find anything that's working correctly.

I'm basically doing something that imitates a MySpace or Facebook environment. Profiles that you can edit for others to look at. I just want users to be able to register, login, edit their own profiles and be able to view other's. An administration side would be nice, but it's not necessary.

Anything would be greatly apreciated. =\ Ask questions if ya got em.

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