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Sara from www.msweb.nl

IIS/XP PHP 4.4.2 gd2 ?? To be or not to be....

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Today I installed PHP 4.4.2 on my XP professional with IIS. I used the binary.

I understand that I this version of PHP includes gd2 support automatically.

However, my vBulletin control panel does not detect any gd version, and my phpinfo does not mention anything about gd / gd2

I really am not sure IF I have gd2 now, and if not, how to get it.

Anyone who can help?

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If it's not showing up in your php_info, then I doubt the module's installed. To install it, add the ext_gd2.dll file (the filename is something_gd2.dll, anyway) to your extensions folder. The folder is typically in your PHP folder called 'ext' or something like that. Next you need to tell php that it's there by uncommenting that file in your php.ini file (either in your php folder, or in your Windows folder).

Give that a try.

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