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Need help with Pear Auth

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The manual on pear.php.net gives the following example for using pear auth.


require_once "Auth.php";

function loginFunction()
     * Change the HTML output so that it fits to your
     * application.
    echo "<form method=\"post\" action=\"test.php\">";
    echo "<input type=\"text\" name=\"username\">";
    echo "<input type=\"password\" name=\"password\">";
    echo "<input type=\"submit\">";
    echo "</form>";

$dsn = "mysql://user:password@localhost/database";
$a = new Auth("DB", $dsn, "loginFunction");


if ($a->checkAuth()) {
     * The output of your site goes here.


How could I refer back to this page without having to show the login form again if the user has already authenticated, or span the authentication over multiple php pages?

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