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How do I URL, Alias and directory handling???

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I have a site called let say: www.mydomain.com


My members shall access their site using an URL like this:




Where memberx is any valid combination of characters, numbers and hyphens.


My members pages will actually be on another disk than the document root....

It could be like this: /hde/mem/memberx


So I guess I have to use Alias to manage this...


Other members could have their pages on another disk like this:



Directory listing should not be possible.




How do I configure httpd.conf file for this particular memberx so it will work as I described above?



When my member eventually want a .com or .net or whatever URL as well as using the www.mydomain.com/memberx URL,

what do I have to add to the httpd.conf file to make it work like that?

That is: This particular member want to be able to access his site in two ways: 1. using www.mydomain.com/memberx URL and 2. using i.e. www.somename.com URL.



How do I prevent other from hotlinking to images on all of my members sites and including my root domain www.mydomain.com?

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